The Great Reading Adventure version 4.2.1 has been released.

There is no upgrade path from versions 1, 2, or 3 to version 4 due to significant architectural changes.

Notable changes in this release:

  • Improve accessibility on the public-facing areas of the site
  • Import and export of Systems/Branches and Districts/Schools
  • Daily images: Mission Control interface; click tracking
  • Mission Control interface to manage and schedule social cards
  • Vendor codes: Mission Control management interface; packing slip uploads
  • Expanded length of streaming program links to 2000 characters
  • News posts now send emails through the job interface to avoid timeouts
  • Search for nearby events based on coordinates or ZIP code
  • Allow special characters in authorization codes
  • Fix operation of “Add Book” button prior to program open
  • Show participating libraries and link to participant’s library in the footer

For more information, please see the release notes.